Saturday, December 29, 2012

Pin your hopes strongly

Troubles or problems seem to exist in this world at their own wish and will. They neither care about people nor animals. They pound their feet wherever they see that there is the minutest possibility of living. They do not care whether you are poor or rich, Christian or Muslim or Hindu, healthy or wealthy, optimistic or pessimistic or anything for that matter. If you are thinking that you can run away from these, you are definitely wrong because they are omnipresent. All that can help you is your hope for survival.

When I say 'survival' I don't mean only the survival of your life alone. I mean the survival of your desires and dreams. Most of us are afraid of problems though we optimistically call them as challenges. In fact the wondering fact is that we are more afraid of problems that shall occur in future rather than those that are currently eating away our peace into pieces. Friends! problems are the part and parcel of life and they shall play their part as designed. Unfortunately some people who have perceived their problems as the hardest ones go on to expect the same kind of life even further. Law of attraction works and they get it. In due process they start sacrificing their dreams of luxuries one by one and at the end of life blame that they could never enjoy the best of life as they were fighting the worst of life. It was a choice to choose between fighting the worst and getting the best. At such instances of making the right choice just make sure that you pin your hopes strongly.

Hope is probably the only reason that we get into sound sleep at night. Problems shall occur irrespective of you living or just surviving your life. Don't just be bogged down by thinking about them all the time. Sometimes you will have to take steps for a better life in spite of knowing that the problems shall arise. All the problems shall get managed. So keep the worry at bay by just making sure that you have pinned your hopes strongly. You can pin back your feedback on

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