Sunday, December 02, 2012

My grandma's technique

It is amazing to find that the degree of education need not determine the level of wisdom a person gains through the experiences of life. There are loads of examples on this earth of people who were very bad or very low in terms of their formal education but were really marvellous at their intellectual quotient to handle all the circumstances to create a nische for themselves in this world. I am not going to speak about any such personality today. I am going to narrate you about my very own grandmother's high level management technique.

I have been doing a lot of variety of work right from my schooling. I don't like to spend away the time of my life. Rather, I like to invest it like how I am doing while writing this blog. In this continuous spree of doing different things I couldn't keep up to the normal expected timing standards of a typical Indian family of coming back home before it's too dark. Also I had come up with some serious decisions for my own life to turn around things on my own shoulders which were quite far-fetched ideas for a conventional type of family like mine who were all into jobs. At this time all the elders in my family had a worry about the path that I was pursuing but none could question me about the same since I was very adamant to follow the path I had chosen. All the information that they could get was only from me and they couldn't share their fears with me. At this time my grandmother who has studied just upto 4th standard came up with a wonderful technique.

She was supportive of everything I was doing in front of me. When I was not at home, she shared her part of the worry with my uncle and got him to come over and see me work and colleagues without me knowing at all. She was so intelligent that she made sure that I didn't feel that my family didn't trust me but still got the confirmation of all that I was saying was true. She is 80 plus years of age now but has this immense wisdom of balancing fears and emotions. This can be one of the best management lessons of how to gather information but still make sure that the person in concern doesn't feel hurt because emotions and trust are the two main important entities in management and business. I hope you found my grandma's technique useful for you as well. You can write to me on

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