Wednesday, December 19, 2012

In the lap of nature

Few days back when I was chatting with my cousin, he started sharing a lot of information and his personal experience on trekking. Probably one of the off times when I kept listening than talking! He went on to share the difficulties that one might face during trekking, the water scarcity, the heights and lot of other things. I was almost scared to go for one such adventure. At the end he just mentioned that all the struggle is worth whilst surviving through the top of the hill when you are just in the lap of nature.

I have just got the excerpts from the experience of the person who has been there thousands of feet above the sea level and who has enjoyed the real bliss of nature devoid of traffic jams, horns, barking people noises. All that you hear at that altitude is just the sound breeze of the cool air across your face, the jazzy ruffling of leaves and the birds singing and dancing to their own tunes. It is as if one has left all his problems and tensions in the below earth and has now completely moved into a different world surrendering oneself in the arms of nature to take him forward in life. In spite of 50 other people who have also climbed the same hill top being around not even a single person is either wanting or willing to talk to another human being. Each one wants to just talk to the nature which seems like God right in front of them. Each one wants to introspect and analyse all their past and discuss it with the nature to make better postulates for life thenceforth.

The final experience of hill-top introspection is what that attracted most of my interest despite all the hurdles while climbing to the top. But I could understand one thing and that was everyone wants to reach the top despite the hurdles on the way only to rise above all human misconceptions and offer oneself in the lap of God to evaluate all their past actions and surrender to ever-lasting happiness. Your feedback is welcome on


  1. lo...! i really hadnt expected our conversation wud end up in your blog.. :) honoured... :) and u've put the matter in a very nice and comprehensive way... good work.., and thanks... :)

    1. Yalcome! It would be a shame on my part if I couldn't put your experience in words on a blog after such a wonderful explanation from you. You deserve all the credits!