Monday, December 31, 2012

Accidents of life

Recently I read a line from Mrs. Sudha Murthy's book which said that we are proud about the nations we are born in and this pride is a mere accident. One would be proud of India because s/he was born in India. If the same person was born in some other country s/he would be proud of that country. Similar to this is our new year. People have a lot of craze for celebrating new year. It is after all a number at the end of the day. It is just a mathematical modulation of dates done ages back.

If we really dig into the names of the months in our calendar you can see that october has 'octo' which means '8' but is the tenth month, december has 'dec' which indicates '10' while it's the twelfth month. Some people sometime back, sorry, longtime back assigned some names for a set of days and called them months. When they found that the phase of the same month repeated after one revolution of the earth around the sun they repeated the same month names. Who knows at what point exactly on the earth's orbit did the earth start revolving to coin it as the start of the year. Since there had to be some start January 1st was coined as the start of the year and the day previous to that was coined as the last day of the year. If some other date would have been named as the start of the year, still the seasons or festivals wouldn't have changed. Year would function the same way. Probably coining a start of the year was itself a major accident that happened because of which companies started allotting holidays and people just got one more reason to party and celebrate without any logic.

Life is just filled with such irrelevant logical conclusions for unreasoned accidents. Every day is a fresh day, let's make the best use of it. There is no point of being proud about those for which one has not contributed at all apart from being at the right place at the right time. All pride would  have been there even if the person wouldn't have been there. So concentrate on those works which can be of pride for others once you have contributed your best for it. Your feedback shall be a worthy contribution on

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