Monday, October 01, 2012

You're gifted, be thankful

God has been kind enough on many of us to bless us with all the amenities that we need to carry forward a happy life. He has blessed many of us with good health and a wonderful body with all parts working in proper conditions. There are few differently abled kids of God who also exist among us. The reason for their physical or mental changes might be attributed to genetics or other scientific reasons only by a logical brain. Probably I don't know the answer as to why God created different people with different weaknesses and different strengths though this question keeps passing from one head to the other among homo-sapiens. However, in the busy schedule that we are enrolled into, we seldom find time to ponder over such questions or answers. A man was sad that he had no slippers but became happy when he saw another person without limbs. Probably you might have listened to or read this one-liner many a times. Just be thankful for whatever you're gifted with. No doubt that you cannot find a fully perfect person anywhere on this earth. God has bestowed certain powers and abilities with certain people. Just make use of them which are vested in you in the right manner for the growth of the self and the world around.

It so happened that I had been along with a set of students for a meal donation programme to one of the trusts which took care of physically challenged kids. These kids in the ashram have been taught with the discipline of praying to God before having food. We had served the food that we had taken on to the plates for all the children. There were few kids who were blind, few orphans and few who had a defected growth. I was very happy seeing all these children praying to God before even touching the food right in front of them in the plates. When the guardian asked them to start the prayer, one of the blind girls started a bajan and all the other children followed her and sang the bajan. During this time I observed that one of the girls, who was perfectly fine physically without any defects was not singing the bajan but was making an irritated face towards the girl who had started the bajan. This girl was also started taking the food in front of her little by little and started to eat while all the blind children were singing. At that point, it struck my mind as to how those children who had blindness inflicted upon their lives paid the respects to God honestly while another girl in the same house who was completely gifted with a proper body by God failed to understand the gift of God. I felt pity at the girl's ignorance. No doubt that this is not just the case with this girl alone. It's the same case with many of us who are so busy utilizing all the gifts of God that we forget or ignore to thank Him back.

Friends! a sincere request from my side is to know that everyone of us should have the attitude of gratitude and when it comes to the Almighty, we must have the highest gratitude for the gift of life that He has bestowed upon us. Please share if you have witnessed any such experiences on

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