Sunday, September 02, 2012

Twelve sets to utilize

Time! Time! Time! It goes away tick! tick! tick! No one can stop it, no one can hold it. It runs at the brisk pace that it has always run with. The only choice we have is to run with it. Whether you are sitting or standing or running or thinking the time is continuously running and maintains the same dimensions and moods all the time. Time is not a thing, its a dimension by itself. It is eternal and immortal. Though time is in the same state always, we are never in the same state. That's the simple reason why we always lag behind time and only very few exceptional people are ahead of time.

Just think of yourself when you are writing your exam in those critical three hours, just imagine yourself when you're watching the movie for couple of hours, just flashback when you slept for 8 hours, just go back when you're eating for an hour. In each case of these, you were using the same time for different purposes. Many times when people ask me about time-management or insufficient time to complete all the work I advise them on better planning and prioritizing. No wonder who-so-ever you ask will reply the same! I used to believe that each and every next minute, next hour needs to be planned and you need to be aware about what you will do the next minute. I still believe in this philosophy. Then I came up with one more method of planning which I feel can work out with many in a very easy manner. The idea which I want to represent to you all is the 'Twelve sets to utilize'.

Everyday has 24 hours. Its quite difficult to plan what you will be doing for entire next 24 hours and keep it in mind. Infact making a note of it also might not work out. Hence lets divide each day into twelve sets of 2 hours each. 2 hours is neither so big that you can't remember what you plan to utilize it for nor too small that you keep planning and deciding all time as to what to do next. All of us have been through the experience of restlessness during the last hour of a 3-hour movie or a 3-hour exam. Hence I recommend a set of just 2 hours that you dedicate to any particular work. This makes planning easier and simpler. In a day we can dedicate 3 to 4 sets for sleep/rest. The remaining 9 to 8 sets are in our conscious hold to utilize. If you're a student who comes back from school/college in the evening you have atlest 2-3 sets before the day ends which you can plan for 3 different activities. Also in today's trafficbusy world just to travel to a nearby place and comeback takes an hour. So you can add an extra hour to it to complete your work in the place where you travelled to as well. This assigns a set for this activity. Also 2 hours sounds and is reasonable enough to keep our efficiency and interest high enough in the particular task be it games or studies or travel or shopping or partying or any other kind of entertainment that we are involved in.

Use this method to plan your work and priorities well. I found it considerable to have a set of two hours assigned to any particular work. Its upto you to modify this logic and vary the number of hours per set. I leave this flexibility of the method upto my dear reader. But please make sure that you write back to me about the implications of the implementation of this method on

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