Saturday, September 08, 2012

Keep trying but differently

"Try and try again till you succeed" is one of our childhood lessons of life. No wonder that we need to reinforce this lesson time and again in ourselves to solve many problems. I remember of the mythological stories that I used to hear in my childhood wherein there would be fights between mythological heroes and the asuras, I mean the villians. Mythology involves magical powers as all of us know. So these asuras used to have magical powers due to which killing them would be very difficult. Then our hero used to try different weapons (astras) and different mantras to kill the enemy. Finally the hero would return victorious killing the asura.

Similarly we face different challenges and problems in our day to day life. Be it health issues or financial crisis or problems on the professional front etc. Everywhere solution can be found only by trying to solve the problem. The same old medicine prescribed last time for the same health disorder doesn't work anymore and you have to find out an alternative medicine to better the health. The same old deal doesn't solve the same new business problem. So you need to chalk out one more better deal to resolve the issue. Ultimately there is no other solution other than trying out different methods because problem needs to be solved however simple or complex it is. Many give up in these trials because they get frustrated trying out the same methods again and again in vain. Most of them don't think of alternate methods but just try sticking to the conventional solutions which work no more in resolving the modern age problems. One gets bored of trying out the same solution many a times and gives up. Hence I recommend to keep trying until you solve the problem but make sure that you try differently each time the earlier trial fails.

In doing so, there is innovation all the time to discover a new solution and also the motivation and hope do not go down easily as we keep trying something new. Life is a maze set by God to solve. Whether you try solving it or just keep quiet, it doesn't matter to life. Life keeps adding challeneges one upon the other for you to resolve only to help evolution take a faster progress. Everyday I try to chart out some or the other new thought in my blogs to kill my own stagnancy of mindset. Hope to see your reviews on the same on

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