Sunday, September 16, 2012

Common with the Lords

I was born on 14th of March,1987. 14th march is also the brithday of Albert Einstein and Aamir Khan. Whenever I think of this topic I feel really happy and there is a strange sense of greatness that I was born on the same day as these great men. Albert Einstein was a lord himself in the field of physics so is Aamir Khan in the field of cinema. I don't refer to anyone as lord comparing one to God. Lord is a symbolic word of having achieved something great in a field and to stand as an example to follow for others. This common ground of being born on the same day with these fantastic people itself motivates me to work more.

I have given an example of my own and how I feel about it here. Sometimes even you would have faced situations wherein you found certain common things between you and some great human beings. Probably one would have been a college dropout and might have just started a company. This might remind him/her about Steve Jobs or Bill Gates or Larry Ellison. Someone might have been deprived of basic education during the childhood and might come to hear of a story of another person who had undergone the same situation but still made it big in life. This might trigger an inspiration inside that person to work in the similar fashion to achieve something big in his/her own life. Just these common points between a normal individual and a big achiever can be the bridges for tranfer of inspiration. Its great to discover such common grounds and derive inspiration from them.

Each one of our lives are completely unique. No two individuals can have the same line of life lived but still there can exist few matching points between few people. This world provides the same set of challenges and difficulties to same set of people who travel towards the same destination either knowingly or unknowingly. Hence its always beneficial to find the commonness between one and another great achiever so that it can inflict a feeling of pride as well as a sense of matching upto the same achievement. Really eagerly waiting to read your comments on

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