Friday, September 14, 2012

A daily affair

Let me clear the general misconception first. An affair means "anything done or to be done; anything requiring action or effort; business; concern:". I hope I can proceed with a clear picture now. We must know that everyday is precious to us and every affair we take up in a day is as precious as the day itself. So what is this daily affair? We are used to routine monotonous work of doing the same things day after day. How about we add some spice into this!

An affair is just some simple act that you decide to take up. Apart from all the repeated stuff that we are into everyday we can think of some new activity which consumes the least amount of time and energy but still can provide the thrill of having done something new. It can even be a learning of something new. Everytime when you are getting ready to go for a movie that you haven't watched before or the crux of which you don't know there is always some sense of excitment and curiosity about it. If there's an urgent work told by your mom even before going to the movie, you will still complete it quicker because you don't want to miss the movie. The best part is that you carry the same enthusiasm that you have for watching the new movie while doing the work just before the movie even when the work itself is not so exciting. Similarly when you have assigned an affair of a new task for a day which you will be doing in the latter part of the day there will always be an excitement about doing the new thing which will keep you pepped up all throughout the day. This pepped up feeling fills your complete focus in any work that you perform at any point of the day. Moreover having done something new on each day however small the activity is will definitely keep adding to your experience and learning of life.

Since I write a blog everyday before I go to sleep, my mind keeps searching for anything interesting around me all throughout the day because I have a daily affair of coming up with something new in my blogs everyday. This keeps me alert in everything that I am involved in throughout the day. I hope I have executed my daily affair for today with this blog. Would love to know what are the daily affairs that you will be taking up on

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