Sunday, August 26, 2012

Unsettle the settled

Have you played the zig-zaw puzzle ever? Have you solved the rubik's cube? What did you feel when you saw the unsolved zig-zaw puzzle or the randomly arranged rubik's cube? Obviously if you're one who is interested in these you would have felt the urge inside yourself to try solving them. How would you feel after solving them? You would definitely feel happy to have solved them for few momemts after you solved them but later you will start losing the excitement that you had while solving. This is because there is no more challenge to your capability and there's nothing to solve, the problem itself ceases to exist. If there is no excitement in life then how would you feel living that boring life? This is not just limited to solving a zig-zaw puzzle or a rubik's cube or some maze, this is the crux of life.

Most of them are in the pursuit of settling their lives as soon as possible. Infact we are coached right from our childhood to achieve the same. The meaning of a settled life in today's world is to have a constant flow of income, constant hours of working, constant day-to-day work with a weekly off to complete personal work. Is this all life about? Did mankind evolve through series of civilizations only to live like a machine at the end of 21st century? People are under the false assumption that once life gets settled as said above you can live a happy life. How can one even accept this fact when one is being so monotonous with no adventure or excitement doing the same stuff in and out of the day? Friends! there is nothing called as a settled life for one who wants to explore life. Its only those who don't dare to put their strengths and skills to test and remain complacent with what's available think for a settled life. For those of you who are strong-minded to achieve and accomplish mighty dreams in life, settling is the last option that you can even think of. The moment you start feeling that you're doing the same work without any new innovation in it and start getting bored just switch on the light to take a leap. This is what I mean by unsettle the settled. Even in the age-old civilizations, those who settled down where good soil and water were available created small tribes but those who travelled and explored more of the world became the immortal names in the world history. The choice is yours to choose the life that you want.

Its a misconception that life gets settled once you start having a constant flow of income staying at one single place. New challenges and problems keep bouncing to challenge our settledness. People who don't modulate themselves for these new obstacles obviously get unsettled in this stream. So its upto us whether we wait for the problems to unsettle our lives or we move towards them because problems exist by default. Remember that you cannot construct storeys upon storeys with the same foundation, you have to break down the existing bungalow to construct the new monument.

Life is all about questions and answers. I have posted my questions here and am eagerly awaiting to read your answers on

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