Sunday, August 12, 2012

The (n+1)th task

We are humans and we are destined to prepare and execute 'n' number of tasks everyday of our life. Some of the tasks have become so embedded in our lives that we don't even consider them as tasks but just daily habits. As we grow everyday in our life, in our education, in our business, in our career new challenges keep coming just to help us grow through them. In this process I am sure that everyone of you have been through some of the tough challenges of life. Probably the number of these might be one to many. Every time you were in a tough one you would have prayed to God that 'let there be no other task that's tougher than this one'. Also I can guarantee you that God would have definitely placed the next task in sometime damn tougher than the existing one. This is the task which I call as the (n+1)th  task.

Most of us are afraid of taking up a new task that we haven't faced before. Even the most optimistic and enthusiastic people who always keep exploring life have some sense of butterflies in their stomach when there is a new challenge which they have to face. Also we know the fact that we have to face it anyway to move forward in life. Hence we face it. No doubt that when its a question of life to move forward we accomplish it as well. Also that is the time we tell others it was the most tough challenge till then in life. We are still unaware of the next thing planned by God for us. It was a new experience for me also today when I was asked to take up the first half of an inspirational talk to six hundred plus people. It was just like a boulder of challenge that was thrown on my empty hands. I was one person who would be the last person on earth to take up the first part of any session because it's the most difficult challenge to break ice with hundreds of people at one shot and make them involve in a discussion or interaction for next two to three hours. I was very comfortable to take off from a session once which is already started and the first speaker has already made the crowd to gel enough with the speaker. This challenge of taking the first half of the talk came as a surprise just this morning when I had advised one of my friends just yesterday not to take the first part of any talk. God has his own plans and this was the (n+1)th challenge for me which I gracefully accepted.

I was all set for this challenge and executed my part to accomplish it in the best way possible. That's when I learned that even though you want to stop facing tough situations God always keeps increasing the toughness levels of the life just to make us grow our wisdom and keep life exciting as it happens in the games that we play. I am sure that no one would want to play the game which has just one level. So my dear readers, whenever you feel you have worked very hard and have completed 'n' number of tasks just know that God will soon be back to you with the (n+1)th task.

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