Friday, August 31, 2012

Someone always raises the bar

Man used to use stone-made articles for his day-to-day necessities in the stone age. Someone found out a metal and then evolved the metallic age of using metals for all work. Similarly wheel was one such invention which completely raised the level of transportation used. Even though this evolution happened, why did it take ages to happen is a big question of concern. The existing people were complacent enough with the ongoing and spent years and generations through the same routine but someone came in with a new thought to raise the bar of living and hence there was a transition in the age itself.

In our daily life we can see so many such scenarios where certain standards are already set and people work and perform under the same standards. But there is always one new person who enters the existing scenario to push up the standards. He/she raises the bar of expectations. Automatically everyone else is forced to perform to these standards because it was just one more human being completely similar to them who made the elevation of change. No one lies to be at the sub-standards like in earlier times. Everyone wants to move up but the question is who takes the iniative and moves up to set an example for others. Students were meant to only study during school and college days but few men like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Ellison, Mark Zuckerberg, Sergey Brin, Larry Page started off companies during their study time itself. Some dropped out of graduation, some continued but raised the bar of possibility of what a student can do at a young age. This is a very simple example but I am damn sure you would have noticed many such examples similar to this in your surroundings.

People often get complacent in the norm of things already set, there is always a necessity of some extraordinary person to enter the scene to break the mindset and raise the bar of thinking. The point is whether you want to be in the complacent lot or be the person who raises the bar everytime to set new standards for others to follow. Observe your own life and introspect if you are raising your level in your own eye everyday. If you don't see yourself growing on a daily basis, probably you are moving into the ordinary lot that just follows the extraordinary.

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