Monday, August 27, 2012

Sale means to solve

Sales and marketing is an enormous field that has been serving the mankind right from day one of its beginning. Everything on this earth that one earns is by selling something. Selling is an art inbuilt in humans. Any company with the mightiest intellectual property can falter down if it doesn't have the strong sales and marketing division to back it up. At this point I would like to convey my regards to great salesmen like Joe Girard, Zig Ziglar, Shiv Khera and others who have taught the world the great qualities of a salesman.

In this world of competency where each one is trying to sell one's product by hook or crook to make money, there has been a general misconception built that salesmen cheat people. There is an age old adage in kannada saying that a spoilt monkey spoilt the entire forest. Similarly due to the faults of few salesmen the whole community had to bare the blame. Sale means to solve. When anyone is facing a problem, another person provides a solution to it and the one who provides solution to your problems is the salesperson. During summer the weather is very hot and as a result it's very uncomfortable staying indoors. Someone had invented a device called fan which could circulate the air inside a room and direct fresh air towards you. But the fan was manufactured in the factory and you were at your home unaware of the existence of the fan itself. Though fan could solve your problem, you didn't have a solution. This is the time a salesman stepped in to sell this fan to you. He knew that you had the problem and solution existed in the fan factory. He built the bridge to make the solution meet the problem. Hence I affirm once again that 'Sale means to solve'.

Every moment of our lives we can observe sales happening around us. If all the salesmen on this earth went on a strike for just even one day the entire life on the earth would come to a halt. There would be no one to sell you even the basic necessity of life as food or even water for that matter. Only a salesman can show the benefits of a product that even the inventor of the product cannot see. Sale is what bridges the gap between problems and solutions.

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