Sunday, August 05, 2012

Let's make time

In this busy world where we are struggling to make a living everyday seldom we remember that once upon a time we were just small babies who couldn't even speak but only smile and cry. In the rapid pace of the ongoing events we seldom find time to talk to our own family. Where can one expect to have time and patience to spend with a small baby which is just few days old? All of us are into the cloud computing world of messages, emails, phone calls so much that we have forgotten the feeling of personal touch. Touch screen smartphones can definitely never satisfy the feeling of a personal touch. A baby remains a baby only until its a baby. I felt guilty that I couldn't go and see my nephew who was born just seven days before because of the work pressure that was pounding on my head. But at last I made time for him and I feel happy about it.

It was such a wondeful feeling of taking the 7 days young baby in my arms and I was smiling at it continuously. Proabably it couldn't understand even if I spoke in 6 different languages as I am a multilinguistic inspirational speaker. I just had one style of communication possible which was just a big wide SMILE. This newborn in my hand was way lighter than the dumbell that I use during my workout but I had to have extreme care while holding it. It just blinked its eyelids seeing me and smiling back at a new face after entering this world on the 7th day. I had to walk for more than 2 kms due to lack of bus facility just for these few precious moments of holding the newborn nephew of mine in my hands. I desperately felt that I had to make time for him. Meeting him was not on the to-do list of work or hobby or recreation but it was the topmost on the priority list of life which I had already procrastinated by seven days. Finally I had made it. Friends! at the end of the day all of us are just humans. No wonder that we have to study and work in order to make a life but remember that at the end of the day you can have only 3 full meals a days and that too until your stomach says its full. I know that there are competitions surrounding you pushing you forward everytime you try to halt for something. Inspite of all these ratrace it's very important to build the bond of family and relationships. Events such as a new childbirth, marriage, festivals are few occasions that have been culturally constructed by our ancestors to develop strong unified bond among families. Please make time for them.

I hope everyone celebrated friendship day with wishes, gifts, parties today. My celebration of this friendship day was with my new 7day young friend. His face still comes in front of my eyes as I type these lines. I wish him a wonderful life ahead. Also wish all of you a very happy friendship day once agian. Keep smiling....................

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