Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Just a call away

Civilizations have evolved from time immemorial on this planet earth and the life is still evolving.  The only reason that human life has continued so far right from the old stone age is because no human could survive all alone on this earth. One had to co-exist with the other for the living and continuing the race. Probably communities and big joint families symbolise this point of interdependence of humans on one another for a lively life. The reason today we are facing the highest cases of depression and suicides are because of the division of people and their vain efforts to survive all alone. Loneliness is eating away many lives in this busy world where people don't have time for others but only for work.

How nice is it to find that anyone you need is just a call away. Thanks to the technology that has made the earth shrink into a small village. A message over a phone or a mail over internet or a call over a cell or just a shout can bring the people we need near us. There are so many countries wherein the situation is so pathetic that one single family cannot live together and there is no one to be seen even if called a million times. Be grateful to the freedom that you're enjoying. The best part of a friend who can come to us just by a call is the sense of security that gets satisfied. The fear of being alone gets killed. Moving a step further, how would it be if the person who can come to you and join for a lunch or a dinner or a movie can also join hands with you to work for a common dream and a common vision? A simple yet stupendous example of this is Larry Page and Sergey Brin. Both these guys got together for a project and just made a fortune out of it together. There are several such examples. My blog here saying 'Just a call way' is to convey the point of how good your call is that nobody can deny. There are so many personal things that we would never share with anyone but only with one person on whom we have bestowed the highest amount of trust. But its also important that this person is present and reachable at the time of necessity and that's why I name this blog as 'Just a call away'. You can be sure to be the luckiest person on this earth if you can find the one whom you trust the most and who will join hands with you for your dreams, is just a call away.

Having talked from one direction now I would like to conclude this blog by switching to the other direction. Are you that someone for anyone who has the highest trust in you? Can you be that 'just a call away-friend' for anyone if he/she has faith in you that you will help them realise their dreams? If you can be the answer to these questions for masses then definitely you are the asset of this universe. May you have a wonderful life ahead!!!!!!!!

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