Sunday, August 12, 2012

Follow your craziness

I am born in India which is known for its unity in diversity. There are different cultures all across India. Every state has a unique language of its own. Every hundred kilometers the accent of the language changes within the same state. The food habits are different in different locations of India. Such is the strategic location of the country. Being very small in size still its known as a subcontinent in itself. I feel proud that I am born in this motherland of mine. If you just observe a currency note of India you can understand the diversity of the number of languages printed on it. I have just taken advantage of this.

I used to be really inspired and influenced when I used to watch cinemas wherein the same actor could act in different films of different languages and yet deliver super-solid performances. I definitely have to mention Dr.Kamal Hassan and Padmashri Rajnikanth who have been the highest inspiration in this regard. I used to feel that being multilinguistic meant being multi-talented. I was caught with this craziness of learning different languages and I started executing the same. I started watching films of different languages, started repeating the dialogues of the hero, learnt byheart some of the lyrics only to increase my multilinguistic skills. Friends around me started pulling my leg, ridiculed against this not-so-common-hobby. Some even said that I was killing the other language by trying to learn it. It hurt when those words were spoken but I didn't give up but continued the same. As a result of this craziness of mine, I learnt speaking in Telugu by the time I completed 2nd year of my graduation, by 3rd year completion I had a hold on tamil, by the end of 4th year I could handle a simple conversation in malayalam. I had no idea what this craziness would yield me in future but I was sure of only one thing that following the same was keeping me happy. Since being happy itself is the purpose of life I continued my craziness.

I thank God today for giving such a craziness to me because today this multilingual ability of mine stands as my asset for my career of inspirational speaker. I had wathed a video of Late.Steve Jobs who had mentioned that for succes you need to be crazy because any sane person will give up when he has no logical reason to follow. Only a crazy person would still retry to reach success. Hence endorsing his words I would like to share with all my dear readers to just identify your craziness and follow it irrespective of the criticism around because you never know what God has to offer. Your craziness might be the key to your life's treasure.

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