Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Learn from the small

Small things make big difference. This statement is indeed so true in almost every aspect of life that it can't be denied. Humans are always deceived by size of appearance, size of age and size of grandeur. Very few pay attention to the minute details and only those go on to make sizeable difference in this world. The big structures catch our eyes in the shadow of which we fail to recognize the tiny entities around us. But we mustn't forget that everyone of us evolved from a insignificant sized cell called zygote. Evolution has proved time and again that today's small creatures grow into the magnanimous features of tomorrow's planet. Hence we must care to understand and learn the small beings as well.

A very simple example is that of ants which are so minute in size but still have a lot to teach us. Their discipline while walking in a line, their effort to carry ten times their own body weight, their continuous motivation to work continuously are some of the things which if we imbibe in our daily lives can create wonders. A spider webs so well that its art of webbing can be a new design for a website. Talking about spider, I remember the bat as well. These two small creatures have given rise to the idea of super humans like spiderman and batman. May be this was the result of learning from small beings. You can also learn from a baby on how to smile at simple things. You can also learn the curiosity and inquisitiveness from small children. Only omission we will have to do as adults is that of our ego which blocks us from respecting anything that is younger or smaller than us. Our over confidence that makes us complacent from expanding our existing knowledge should be shred in order to explore the world. If a simple flapping of a butterfly's wing can change the direction of the Tornado winds as per butterfly effect then just imagine how learning from simple things can change our life altogether. Be focused and observe little in detail enough to learn and understand the smaller things as well.

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