Monday, July 23, 2012

Care for those who care for you

No beating around the bush, let me come straight to the point. Care for those who care for you. This world is filled up with seven hundred crore plus population but the world that belongs to you will be of those people who care for you only. I am not against any kind of service that should be contributed towards the society irrespective of whether we get returns out of it or not. It must be done. When the word service comes, immediately you can be very sure that you can't expect anything from the other side. Be prepared for this at the beginning itself. But when it comes to expectations between people who surround us everyday be very cautious enough to know as to how much to expect out of whom.

Our family comes the first in this regard who bestow upon us the utmost care and its your duty in return to provide the highest care for you family that supports you day in and day out. Next comes those close knit of friends who have spent sufficient time with you and a very cordial relationship exists between you and your friends. Let me reveal the bitter truth that this group of friends between whom the mutual care will be the highest probably whom you can refer as the best of the friends cannot be more than fifteen to twenty. In most of the cases it doesn't even cross single digit. When I say friends in this regard definitely I don't refer to those hundreds of friends that you have on your facebook friendlist. The next circle is that of the official arena of colleagues. You can be lucky enough to find some really genuine friends who really care for you in this set. If you find some, do care for them also. The final set of people are the so called 'just friends' or the 'hi-bye' type of friends. Sometimes some of us are so open hearted that we give our best care and concern to almost everyone who meet us. We belong to that set of fortunate children of God who can smile at anyone who comes in front of our eyes. We are those extraordinary people who can make anyone feel that they are very special to us with hundred percent genuinity. We are those amazing human beings with a lovely heart who can't stand hurting anyone even by a mere sigh. We belong to those committed individuals category who will live upto every expectation that of the other person has from us whether he/she belongs to our family or friends or just another human. Feel proud if you belong to the above fantastic set of souls on this planet.

But the cruel truth is that not all people on the earth are the same as you my dear reader. World is filled with all types of people. Some who just want to take advantage of your genuinity, some who can't tolerate your happiness quotient, some who can't see you being appreciated, some who take pleasure in just hurting you and so on. Just remember one thing - "When people falter your expectations continuously, just know that they are not going to last for long in your life". This was a learning passed on by a business giant to his relative who shared it with my mentor who taught me the same. So remember friends, whenever you are caring for someone other than the family and the best friends, be aware about how much is given back also. There's no point in showering your entire care on someone who doesn't know the value of it. Your caring for a non-deserving person is your denial of care for a more deserving person. Use your care with extreme care.
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