Thursday, June 21, 2012

Leverage of SUCCESS

I hope everyone of you have heard of the example of lifting a big stone with the help of a small stone and a lever. Here the big boulder is the load to be lifted, the point where the lever is held on the small stone is the fulcrum and at the other end of the lever the effort is applied to achieve the movement. Similar to this, the analogy is how we can do big burdensome work with the help of small resources available around us. In the example the big boulder doesn't get moved if either the lever doesn't exist or the small stone is not present. Also if the lever and small stone are used separately we can't achieve the task. Both lever and the small stone have to be used in the synchronous manner to accomplish the goal. Once these conditions are fulfilled the effort is leveraged through the small stone to move the big stone. Once this is done even the success is leveraged by the small stone. Here is where we enter the topic of LEVERAGE of SUCCESS.

Team work has been a very prime topic in the current world scenario about which I have talked about in one of my previous blogs. In the present blog let's see the post scenario when the team work has achieved success and how it can be leveraged across the team to grow success even bigger. For example, consider an employee of a certain company who is working in one of the divisions. If the company is big enough to have clients all over the world, then whenever this employee meets any stranger he would be representing his company. He would talk about the sales, clients, products, deals and everything about his company with the other person. Even if he is just a normal employee who is not involved in the sales or clients consultation organizations, still he would love to talk about the success of his company in those regards. If Reliance pertochemicals has made good profits, then the people working in Reliance Communication will also use this success story to promote inspite of not belonging to that division of Reliance. I hope these examples have given you clear idea by what I mean by leverage of success. We human beings are social beings. Somewhere or the other we represent an organization or a community or a team. Though individual efforts are highly important for success we need to learn how to utilize the current success to build the future success. At that time you're at your will to utilize rightly the success of the other divisions of your organization to promote your work. Use one success to build another one on top of it. This is what I clearly mean by 'Leverage of SUCCESS'.

Similarly when we see this topic from the individualistic perspective, an individual himself represents an organization. He can definitely perform lots of functions courtesy the skills and the wonderful human body blessed upon him by God. Today most of them are losing their inner capacity by comparing their skills with that of the other in one particular work and feeling inferior. Everyone is good in atleast one activity, some in studies, some in sports, some in art, some in speaking etc. Recognise the task at which you're an expert at. Read through the methodology at how you became so proficient in that particular arena. First of all celebrate the success of being good at one skill. Think through that pattern and learn how you became good in that area and apply the same logic to strengthen yourself in the other areas where you feel you need to excel at. Efforts yield success, efforts plus the lessons from previous success yield the next success in much lesser time.

Success is undefined. Its unique for every individual's perception. Please share how you will use the leverage of success formula in your life on

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