Sunday, June 03, 2012

FRIENDS - the inspirational seeds

This blog is a dedication to all those friends who have impressed, influenced and inspired us all throughout our childhood. No doubt that big names like Mahatma Gandhiji, Subhas Chandra Bose, Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, Albert Einstein, Sir M.Visveshwarayya and many more were real big inspirations but unfortunately my generation could always only either hear about them or see them in pictures and videos. We were not so lucky to meet them in person and ask what made them so big. Still all these people played a big role in modifying our attitude towards life. But people who played even bigger role in our lives were none other than our very own buddies. Everyone of us were blessed with only couple of parents but thanks to the Almighty that there was never any shortage of people who were of the same age as that of ours and of the same thinking as that of ours. 'Great minds think Alike' you see!

Knowingly or unknowingly we learnt how to write faster, how to write neater from our friends. Consciously or subconsciously we learnt how to talk nicely or how to behave with elders observing our friends who were teachers' pets. We used to spend more than quarter of a day with our friends while studying, eating, playing and in many more activities. In all this time we never knew if we were with the future Ambanis, Eisnteins, Ramanujams or Khans because future was still far from us. At that time all of our friends were just seeds of inspiration. Getting the first rank in exams, getting the first prize in games and other activities, building the best projects for exhibitions, learning new things were all that our friends could do at that time of teenage. There were hardly few exceptions who went on to make a turnover of a billion dollars in business or make hundred centuries in cricket or there were none at all. But we know whenever anyone of our friends had achieved something it used to inspire us to do the same. Thanks to the egolessness of childhood that our friends were always there to teach us whatever they had learnt to help us achieve the same what they had.

I can quote my inspirations through my friends which has made me what I am today and I am thankful to each and everyone of them because I am sure I have learnt atleast one or the other thing from each one of them. I was inspired to enjoy mathematics and write faster by my friend M.K.Vishakhadatta. I was inspired to learn mythology from my friend Goutham.D.L. I was inspired by the simplicity and tension-free learning ability of my friend Joish RajendraKumar. I was inspired to work hard and score well in exams by my friends Bhuvan.S.Hegde, Rashmi.H.S, Rashmi.A.U. I was thoroughly inspired by the innocent and the best friendly nature of my friends Mahesh.R and M.V.Vinay, two of the purest souls that I have seen in my life. Murali.S and Prabhanjan who inspired me through their love for the subject knowledge in electronics and computer science respectively than the marks were awesome. Lots many more friends' names I would have loved to list out in this blog but I have just cited a few examples. I thank every friend who has been a part of my life and inspiration.

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