Saturday, March 24, 2012

Whatz your Glamour Quotient?

Like IQ and EQ, in the present day world the new quotient that everyone is hunting for and is rated for is the GQ that is the "Glamour Quotient". I am completely unaware if there is any test to find out one's GQ but am sure of one thing that everyone of us is scanned by the GQ scanner in others' eyes every moment of our lives. Right from the time you wake up in the morning till the time you go to bed someone or the other is watching how handsome or how beautiful you look, might not be consciously but subconsciously for sure.

I am not talking about the cinematic way of glamour which has gone a lot of levels below the respectable standards. The Glamour Quotient that I am referring is how well and how attractive can you present yourself in front of the crowd that you not only earn their respect but also send some current through the strings of their guitar in their hearts. This would be the best blend of the highest glamour quotient that you can achieve for yourself. The reason I am stressing on this topic today is because 'People see you first and then listen to you'. Out of the 5 sense organs we have, eye is the most important one which catches every action first before any other. As the saying goes 'First impression is the best impression', I feel the first impression is always casted by you by your looks. Dont undermine your looks my dear friend.

Even I have heard to lot of those advices when advisors advise you to be very simple when it comes to dressing up yourself. Examples of Mahatma Gandhiji and Narayan Murthy are the most prominent in these advices. Do you know the about the dressing style of Mahatma Gandhiji when he was a lawyer before entering freedom fight? He used to dress up in the best of the English, parsis dresses for different occasions. NarayanMurthy sir never attended any conference meetings of Infosys in plain pant and shirt. He used to be always in the best of the formal suits. Be simple at your attitude and look fabulous by your style. This is what makes the perfect blend of GQ. Only when the magnet attracts, the iron filings stick to it. Only when you have the capacity to attract people, can you pass your ideas to them.

Generation after generation the dressing style is changing. Make sure that you are not carried away by the lower standards of wearing torn clothes. Look out for dresses that suit your body structure the best. Choose specific colours which can match with your complexion. Learn to wear a dress which suits for the occasion and the kind of people you will be with. If you are not aware of these things find a person who has caught your eyes with his/her looks. Take the help of him/her to help you out in shopping. Models, people in the entertainment field are the best choice for company. Come out of the shell and stand infront of the mirror to check out in which dress you look the best. Spend sometime trying out different clothes, observing well-dressed people and statues in the shops where different dresses are showcased. Also go for some really cool shoes or sandals which match with the kind of dress you intend to wear. Goggles which really match well with your face complexion and shape will definitely increase your Glamour quotient. Last but not the least make sure you have a proper haircut if you are a guy or neatly combed hairstyle if you are a girl. Also with regular exercises and good workouts you can have the best figure to fit into the trendiest of the clothes. I would strongly recomment that a body in good shape can enhance even the beauty and glamour of the dress you wear.

Final suggestion would be - FEEL LIKE A SUPERSTAR in whatever you wear. This feeling itself adds on tonnes to your Glamour Quotient.

I have tried my best to present to you all the lessons that I have learnt in the past few years about enhancing the glamour quotient alongwith the logical reasons to do the same considering all limitations. Find yourself the most gorgeous, the most glamourous, the most attractive, the most handsome in front of the mirror because you deserve to be one.

Only one line people should be singing after seeing you which should be
"Dekha tho thuje yaar Dil mein baji guitar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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