Sunday, March 04, 2012

A tribute to Super Believer

First time I saw this 22-year young guy was in a business meeting which was attended by more than 100 people. He came half-way through to take on the stage. With a wide smile on his face, he took the stage with a 10k worth Swatch on his left wrist and cream coloured suit amidst the whistles, claps and roars of the young folks in the hall. I felt a wild sense of connectivity between me and him but dint know what was it exactly for which I am still searching the answer.

He was childish but at the same time made some really awakening statements sandwiched between jokes and laughs. I was not at all interested in what he was speaking but wanted to learn the way he was speaking while the audience was enthralled in the speech. I thought of meeting him after the 4-hour long presentation but dint get a chance even to shake hand.

Within next 2 days, I attended a workshop which was taken up by the same very gentleman. Got not just a handshake but a hug as well. As the calendar flipped through the months, I got more chances of meeting this inspirational speaker who was just 1 month elder to me in age but million times in knowledge and experience. No wonder, I was awed by the same. Followed his advice and suggestions with the highest sincerity during our journey in the same business. I saw a live example of an individual who was all-positive, all-time hardworking with all fields' awareness. For sometime I couldnt believe that he was really just a normal human being born on earth.

During the 2nd phase of our co-existence, I have had the best of the fights, misunderstandings with the same very man who has mentored thousands of people. There were long periods of silence and cold war between me and this person whom people regard as a YOUNG SUPERSTAR and inspiration. I still dont have answer to the question whether to blame myself or the situation or my mentor. But the best character shown by this speaker was to meet me up after every period of misunderstanding and clarify the issues face-to-face when there was no need for him to substantiate his actions or words infront of an ordinary person like me. I just cant fail noticing his egolessness in this case.

Every meeting I had with this young poet, I learnt something new might be in terms of knowledge or the way of communication. As he says in his own words "I am the best person you can find who is a combination of practicality and philosophy" he stood by this statement all through his work. Every topic he spoke about had numerous reasons behind it. He would pass the best lessons of life through the silliest chats we had. This blogger's passion for innumerable things used to confuse me if all this was really possible to achieve in one life.

During the 3rd phase of our relation he started to prove that not even a single idea he had spoken about had he not done enough homework on it. One by one, the new chapters opened few of which I was a part of but withdrew in between. One of the best experiences of going through my own evaluation against my own set principles happened in one of these chapters. I would really thank this upcoming author for the same.


Well this writing of mine is the start of my new set goals - ABAD - A Blog a Day. As I take the first step I wanted to express my gratitude to this person whom I have referred as guy, man, gentleman, poet, individual, person, mentor, author, blogger, speaker in the above context. Thanks a lot to this supreme believer of God, supreme believer in the talent of people, supreme believer of his own and others' smallest of the ideas, supreme believer of inspiration and positivity, the one and only - "jo kar de doodh ka doodh aur paani ka paani; uska naam hai Sujit Lalwani!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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