Saturday, March 10, 2012


When light falls on any surface it scatters around. Certain amount gets absorbed, certain amount gets reflected, certain amount may even get refracted. Inside a diamond, light gets caught due to total internal reflection and produces the shining to the stone. The same concept of total internal relection is responsible for the light to travel through the optical fibres to far off distances.

Think of a bus. I imagine a red coloured bus. When I was travelling in the bus today I saw a lady wearing platinum ear-rings. Platinum jewels advertisement comes on television. While I was watching the television yesterday my brother came back from school and wanted to watch WWE. There was a match happening between 2 wrestlers. They had 6 pack abs. This reminds me of the abs workout that I do in the gym. My trainer helps me and guides me in the workout. He was into modelling earlier in his career. One of my friends used to be a model for Vimal brand. Vimal was the brand of clothes that was started by Dhirubhai Ambani. Dhirubhai Ambani was responsible for making Reliance a very big brand. Reliance Time Out is the bookstore from where I buy books. FULL STOP!!!!!!!!

In the above paragraph, I started with just one thought of a bus in my mind. After that even without my conscious involvement, the brain started adding thoughts one after the other. I kept listing down whatever my mind was thinking. I started out with a bus, then went to platinum-television-WWE-abs-trainer-model-Vimal-Dhirubhai Ambani-Reliance and finally had to stop my thoughtflow at books. The speed of this thoughtflow was so rapid that the time between the thought of the bus and that of the books seems very very less. As many authors say thoughts have frequencies like light waves. Just as light scatters whenever it falls on any surface, likewise even our thoughts are just scattered around in our mind.

Can we develop a system of thoughtprocess similar to the optical fibre communication which makes a single ray of light travel long distances without scattering? Can there be a thought process by which we can make our thoughts aligned with respect to one particular work without allowing any other stray thoughts to come in as stray light cant enter an optical fibre?As an optical cable protects all the light within it without allowing any loss, can a system be built in our brain by which we dont miss out on the necessary thoughts for a particular work? Can we program our brain in such a manner? If the answer for these questions is YES we can be very sure that we would stop wasting 90% of our time.

Today I feel, bigger than the loss of money or the loss of time is the loss of mental energy ie the loss of our power by generating useless unnecessary thoughts is slowing down our work progress. Only if we could enclose every precious thought of ours into a system like optical fibre................... Unfortunately "To err is human".

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