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Hi buddy! I am delighted that you have taken few precious minutes of your time to read through this blog of mine. I dont believe in telling you a fairy tale written by someone and narrated by someone else. I want to share a small experience of mine with you. Hence I will be talking directly to you. I hope you are fine with it. Say "YES" {I can't forget my nursery habit of saying "YES" once we become friends :) }.
It was on a sunday that I was supposed to travel to mysore for a business seminar. You must be really wondering - "What an idiot to work on a sunday also!". My answer is "Yes !" I used to work in a job for 5 days and work on my business over the weekends. I woke up at 4 am that day, got ready and reached mysore by half past 8 am. I took the seminar in the morning, visited my aunt's place in the afternoon, met the clients in the evening and left for bangalore at night and reached  my home city at 12 am MIDNIGHT.

Now the real thrilling episode begins! Are you curious to know what the MIDNIGHT WALK is all about? Say "YES". A bit loudly, please. Thanks, I heard your inner voice :)
I could not find any buses to home. So, I decided to take a walk. Mind it! It was not 12 pm but 12 am. Since midnight is all about darkness and silence barring a few insects making noise here and there, I could barely see anyone on the road. As I walked some distance a bunch of guys talking in malayalam started following me. I got a bit tensed. A few seconds passed and one guy screamed "Adingada" (which means HIT him). Oh man! this voice caught my nerves and made me increase my walking speed. It was only few steps later I realised that they had taken a different road and I was all alone again.

Dont you think the same happens in our lives? Sometimes we feel a bunch of problems are trying to intimidate us, but as time passes we realise that those problems were never ours. It was only our fear that made us sweat even during the midnight cold.
If you also feel the same, say "YES".

Well, I hadnt still reached my home yet. As I walked along I saw 2 people walking together. I thought it would be better to stay close to them. Remember the 1st std lesson - "We are strong when we are united". Few steps later, one of the 2 guys took a left turn and said bye to the other. I thought "may be his destination was left. Not all of us know about our right destinations"(a small mindbender). As I walked, the left out guy asked me if we could go together because he was afraid of the stray dogs and also of the unwanted friends who might take your money without asking you in the darkness. He shared about his experience in the job for few minutes and it was his time to take the right turn for his right destination, the HOME. I was once again left all alone in the silent breeze of night.

Life is all about short journeys with different people during different intervals of time. You have to travel through your life from birth to death with just one permanent companion and that is one and only YOURSELF. Close your eyes and recollect those memorable moments with those people whom you miss today....
As they say, the show must go on; Life must run on. Let me tell you the final, the most challenging part. I reached the road where my home was and I was very happy that I had reached my destination. But GOD had his own test. I was hardly 30 steps away from home and 2 dogs started barking at me. I dint know how bad their day was as they were throwing all the frustration and anger in the form of loud barks at me. To my badluck our neighbours were too tired to wake up at 1 in the midnight to see what was happening on the road. I dint know what those dogs thought about me. If only they could understand what I spoke I could have told them "I am not one of those unwanted friends of darkness. I was one of the most cultured kid on this street". You can laugh imagining my shivering hands and legs, my sweating face and the angry ferocious villainious dogs but this was the most important lesson of the walk.

Are you confused?....Listen more. I prayed to GOD, held myself together, had my eyes intact with those of the dogs and took small steps forward. The dogs after sometime got tired of barking and moved away as I opened the gate of my house. I had reached my DESTINATION.
As the old proverb goes "The darkest hour of the night occurs just before the dawn" which even the famous author Paul Coelho endorses, I had faced the most terrifying moments at the end of my journey just before reaching my home. Remeber pal, the toughest fight comes in our life right at the time when we are about to achieve our goal. Do not get bogged down by it. Just believe that you have no way out to turn back or escape apart from walking ahead. Fix your firm belief in GOD and yourself, face the problem right in its eyes and take small steps forward and no one can dare stop you. Ultimately the journey is yours, the goal is yours and the person going through this enthralling experience of life is YOU yourself.

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