Thursday, March 22, 2012

Man-made are not GOD-made

Man has grown to unimaginable extents imagined by few chosen ones on this earth. He has gone on to create spaceships where life can exist being completely in no contact with the earth. Man has developed jets that can travel faster than sound. Man has divided the earth into continents and countries where one man needs another man's permission to go from one country to the other. Was the earth created by man or God? Was the iron used to build the spaceships and jets put in the earth thousands of years ago by man or God?

Vehicles built by man serve him only upto few tens of years but the legs given by God serve him for lifetime. The computer built by man needs upgradation every couple of years but the brain given by God never ever requires upgradation. All materialistic pleasures built by man give only outside pleasure to man but the emotions and relationships gifted by God give eternal happiness to him. Cinemas created by man entertain as long as he is awake but the dreams generated by God entertain him even in sleep. Man could only build gardens but God built forests to protect the earth.

No matter how high man rises in his intellect and intelligence he can never surpass the supreme conscious being. Till today there has been no product built by man which is 100% defect-free whereas God-created ones are always 100% pure. Let's raise our conscious to get connected with that of HIS. Lets shed off the ego of mankind that has been depleting the earth of it purity day by day and surrender to the supernatural power. Only then there is a life of purity and bliss.

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