Friday, March 16, 2012

Guidelines for freshers

It was around 2.5 years back when I joined a MNC(Multi-National Company) as a fresher, everything was new. The cubicles, big board rooms, pantry, conference halls etc which were not in our college were all neatly furnished and clean. Not much of noise, completely air-conditioned and most of the people in formal clothes. A strange feeling yet some kind of apprenhension ran through the veins. I would love to share all my learnings of this fresher employee phase with you in this blog.

Generally at the beginning, the first 2-3 days are dedicated to orientation programmes where you will be let known about the company policies, your bank salary account details and the different provisions provided by the company. Make sure you write down all the details, the website links, contact numbers that are spoken during these sessions. This might be boring enough but its very important at a later point of time. You would be signing lot of autographs on different forms and documents, so please read the content of these without fail and understand them well before you sign.

Once you are into office starting with the regular work get to know your team well first. Dont stop at this. Make sure you get to know as many people as possible in the office right from the security guard. Generally in working environment, information is not kept in one text book of a syllabus like in our colleges. Different information will be floating in the office. It will be your network in office which will help you reach all these information. By information I mean only official work-related information, not any gossips. First 6 months would be very important during which you are expected to learn a lot than work a lot. So make maximum use of this undocumented clause to dive into different areas your team works on. GOOGLE would be your best friend when it comes to any kind of doubts. Whenever you have a doubt ask uncle GOOGLE first and only if you dont find an answer go to your colleagues. This will keep the respect for you in your colleagues' eyes at a higher level. During breaks just confirm what you learnt on was proper through casual discussions with the teammates.

Coming to the monetary part, make sure you understand every component of your salary. What are gross and net incomes? what are allowances? everything mentioned in you payslip. If not request a meeting with your HR representative to learn about these. Also start off your investments right from the time of you first month salary. Investments safeguard your future as well as save the tax money of the present. Catch up for some coffee time with you father or uncles or seniors to learn about what kind of investments to go in for tax exemption and make the necessary ones ASAP. Store all these official documents in a safe place. Keep an eye on all the mails that you receive and consult your manager for any kind of trainings available for freshers and take them as early as possible.

I feel the above guidelines should help you build quite a good career as a fresher. For more information you can definitely contact me on

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