Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The extra-effect to your lifeSTYLE

12th december has been celebrated by many Thalaivar fans as the World Style Day. No doubt that billions of people all across the globe are impressed by Rajnikanth's unique style. Infact Rajni himself says that if he is the style king then Sivajiganeshan must be called as the style chakravarthy. Amitabh Bachchan is still remembered for his DON style though he is nearing 70. Rahul Dravid who very recently retired from cricket is very well known for his stylish stroke playing quotient.

Why am I talking about style so much? Why is this style so very stylish? Why are people so crazy when Rajnikanth just moves his head or hand? There are answers for each of these questions. Everyone of us have a particular style of walking, talking, eating, riding the vehicle etc. Then why doesn't any person appreciate my style of doing something? might be the question running on your mind currently. The answer is very simple. We havent made our style extraordinary enough than the ordinary. What do I mean by this? Here's a simple example that I had read from a newspaper. Everyone walks inside the room just by opening the door. But when the same scene was given to Rajnikanth, he used open the door, enter the room and close the door with his leg from back. This was the extra touch that he gave to ordinary action of opening the door. As a result he has the extraordinary style. Everyone watch movies and enjoy it, later forget it. I watch movies of multiple languages and learn the different languages. As a result I can converse in 6 different languages today. This is my style.

By adding extra to an ordinary work, we develop an extraordinary style that people will notice: Agreed, but why is that just a normal activity of celebrities gets so much attention? Once again the answer is simple enough. When you make one act of yours extraordinary, that extra-effect adds on to not just that act of yours but to your entire personality and from that time people start noticing it. More the number of people you display this extra touch of yours more will come to know of your style. When the propagation is sufficiently large enough, you will be identified with your style.

This blog of mine is from my observation of lot of people around me who have made their simple acts of those days great style today. Try giving some extra-touch to your daily activities. I am more than sure that you will develop a unique style for which you will be famous for. Who doesnt like to be SYLISH!!!!!!!!

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