Sunday, March 25, 2012

Drops of water make an ocean

Every object on this earth is built by the connection of a number of tiny entities called atoms. Each year is formed by the combination of 365.25 days while each day is made up of 24 hours consisting of 60 minutes each. Sachin Tendulkar's hundred hundreds were formed by the collection of 10,000 one-runs. Reliance industries became a huge empire of business like that of TATAs by the combination of individual businesses. Likewise every work of ours requires tiny inputs to result in a huge output.

Many of us may or may not have big dreams and big goals in life. This doesnt matter at all because everyone of us have to be ready to earn the basic necessities of life. In this process we definitely come across many things which need to be done in order to accomplish the purpose. Some of them might be small while some of them might be huge but we need to remember that it doesnt matter whether the activity is small or big, only the completion matters the most. Even if one activity is neglected or ignored the process remains incomplete. The first message I would like to convey here is 'see no task as big or small, JUST complete it' because that is what completes the process.

Amidst many tasks at hand sometimes there are chances that we might be afraid or we might be too lazy to execute some of the tasks. At such instances the simplest way of pushing ourselves to perform the tasks is to set a time limit for the completion of the task. Once this time is set, we have no other go. We are forced by our subconscious to start and finish off the tasks one after the other. If the completion of one task is delayed it will affect the completion of the subsequent task. So the second message is 'set time frame for every task'.

After all we are humans. 'To err is human' is an age old saying. The human memory might fall short of remembering all tasks or even the report of tasks done. This may either lead to forgetting of the tasks or repeating of the tasks already done. Tasks undone dont complete the process and tasks redone waste the extra time and efforts which could have been used for another task. The best way to avoid both of these is by using a 'To-DO List'. Write down all those tasks which you need to complete in a list. Keep ticking off the tasks which are completed. This would be the best report card for yourself. This will keep track of the day you would have lived. The third message is 'Prepare a 'To-Do List' everyday for the next day'.

If you can get the above three messages completely inculcated in your daily life routine I am sure you would be much ahead in your life than what you would have been without using them.

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