Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Dream for tomorrow Do Today

You dream to remove poverty from the world tomorrow
Have you earned your bread today?

You dream to eradicate terrorism from the earth tomorrow
Have you been kind today?

You dream to become the next Bill Gates of tomorrow
Have you started your business today?

You dream of surpassing Albert Einstein's Theory by tomorrow
Have you learnt something new today?

You dream to be the best sportsperson of tomorrow
Have you attended your practice today?

You dream to become the best-selling author of tomorrow
Have you written a story for today?

You dream of earning crores tomorrow
Have you worked for a buck today?

You dream to change the entire world tomorrow
Have you changed yourself today?

You dream to be the rock star of tomorrow
Have you entertained someone today?

You dream to be the best musician of tomorrow
Have you composed a tune today?

You dream of leading the country tomorrow
Have you lead yourself in the right direction today?

You dream of flying in choppers in the coming tomorrow
Have you allowed your heart to fly today?

You dream to travel through the space tomorrow
Have you observed the stars today?

You dream of becoming the next BIG ICON of tomorrow
Have you done your small service today?

You dream for a successful tomorrow
Have you done anything worthy today?

- Mohan.B.N.

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