Sunday, September 08, 2013

Cut the cold conduct

It's seldom easy for the human mind to remain positive all the time. People keep changing their emotions and moods based on the environment around them. Life itself has no reason to remain the same way as everything is subjected to change and change being the law of nature. Due to these fluctuations of feelings amongst humans arises different kinds of misconducts. Until recently about couple of centuries back cold meant only the measure of thermal energy of a substance but off late it has come to measure the degree of cohesiveness amidst people.
The moment we are unhappy with someone it rings the bell in our heart. It warns us to remain silent and distances us far away from smiling at the person. The reasons needn't be genuine as well. They can just be mere assumptions. Ego comes as a wall between people and avoids them from sharing and clarifying the misunderstanding. No sooner the lack of communication leads to cold war between the two and eventually may lead to a break in relationship itself. Hence it's essential to cut this cold conduct. One must learn that being cold to someone is going invite a reciprocation of similar sorts and nothing different except in case of some Godly souls. The moment one is able to spot this cold conduct either in herself or himself or others, s/he must take immediate action of cutting it down. The simplest way to cut the cold conduct is by communicating with a wholehearted smile.
When I was listening to the audio of Anthony Robbins this evening, he shared an interesting insight into how the cold war between US and USSR ended. President Reagan had decided to put an end to the cold war and hence got up from his seat, walked 4 feet away and turned back with a fresh smile and said, "Let's start afresh". This freshness of feeling and a warm smile accompanied with a heartfelt greeting are more than sufficient to cut the cold conduct of a person. When two massive nations could cut down the cold war, we're after all simple humans, we too stand a chance to fight life's negativity.

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