Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What is the meaning of your name?

Name is an identity for any person born on this earth. I am totally amazed at the way we Indians name our kids. With every name there is a well-defined meaning associated unlike those Western names such as Wall or Tall. Sometimes, there is even a history associated with the name that is christened. The meaning and history associated with the name automatically casts a huge influence in forming the character of the person. Though in many of the cases the person and his/her name's meaning are contradictory, still there is a meaning to the name. It's better to have something than nothing.

India, being a multi-religious country, there are many religions and as a result, many Gods whom Indians worship. The same God takes different incarnations during different times to save people from different evils. In fact, there is a proverb which says that God is only one but only has several names. So, each incarnation or form of God carries a different name based on different reasons. A simple example is those names which end with 'esh', like Mahesh, Madhesh, Ramesh, Nandeesh etc. All these names have 'esh' at the end which signifies Lord Eshwara (Lord Shiva). Names of Gods are very much prevalent in Indian society. Even different aspects of environment are attributed as names for people. The beauty of naming after non living entities is that the people with such names bring life to such non living entities. Knowing the meaning of your name is always a strong confident booster because it has a meaning.

Just like how life without a purpose is meaningless, even a name without a meaning is totally meaningless according to me. In fact, whenever I get to know someone newly, I try to describe or translate the meaning of their name. If I don't know one, I seek an answer for it. The best part about Indian names is that none of them have a negative meaning attached to them. Each and every name has a positive side embedded into it. As a result, just a mere recollection of what one's name stands for itself acts as a rejuvenation for a person. Know the meaning of your name and enjoy its fame.

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