Thursday, August 15, 2013

Happy Independence Day!

Being an Indian I am very happy and proud to celebrate Indian Independence Day today. I appreciate the Google doodle as well for the amazing depiction on the occasion of Indian Independence Day celebrations. On this occasion, I would like to take the opportunity to salute and pay respect to all those people from different parts of the globe who have worked for the freedom struggle of their respective countries. There are a million lives that were sacrificed for a billion lives to breathe the air of freedom today. The question is how well are we making use of this freedom that has been passed on to us.

All of us know that nothing comes free of cost. Everything that we receive takes some kind of payment either in terms of cash or kind or efforts. Likewise, freedom for the oppressed nations wasn't bestowed just by asking. It took ages of years, thousands of lives and millions of movements to break the shackles of the dominations to achieve the freedom for the respective nations. All of these were done with only one hope, that the country with freedom would progress much faster than a suppressed one. I am not here to comment about which country is progressing at what rate because a country never progresses, it's the people who represent the country, who need to progress. How well are we using our freedom to grow much faster and much bigger? Are we still in the mindset of surrender where in we are afraid to even nudge a step out of our boundaries? The mindset has to change. We have to dream beyond the existing support. Only then will we be doing the right justice to the freedom vested in our hands, in the best way possible.

It's up to us to use our time the way we want. The same way it's our wish to use the freedom that we possess in whatever way we want. There is no authoritative body which tells us to lead the life in a particular fashion. We can make the choice of the type of education we want to and the kind of work that we want to pursue. As long as what you're doing is moral, legal and ethical, there is no one who will question you. This is the biggest advantage of freedom. Let's use it to create wonders that shall stand as iconic examples for the future generations to follow our footprints. Let's make the best use of freedom to create more opportunities and platforms, which can help loads of others to succeed.

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