Tuesday, July 30, 2013

He, in his own words

Recently, I finished reading one more book within a matter of 2 hours and that was 'Bill Gates, in his own words'. I also got to know that even my friend had read a book with a similar title, 'Barrack Obama, in his own words'. Both of us were shocked to know that we had read these books on the same day though we hadn't decided to do so together. Both these books have titles which denote that they are the autobiographies of the respective celebrities but it is a complete misleading concept. These books are mere collections of the quotes of these people quoted at different conferences, speeches, interviews etc. But both my friend and myself were mislead by the titles and had bought the books.
While we are buying the books online, seldom do we get a chance to go through the content of the books. We are moved by the title and the cover page to buy a book. Unfortunately some of the authors (so called authors) are taking advantage of this loop hole. They are framing catchy titles which convey something else apart from what the real meaning is and are making money out of it. However, not everyone falls prey twice to such nonsense. Customers are not fools. One fooled customer shall definitely spread a bad word about the author who compiles just the quotes of a person and showcases it as the autobiography of that person. Though these kind of authors might fetch some initial monetary benefits, they will suffer in a long term. Writing a book is about creativity. It's an art with which one should not play around and definitely must not play with the feelings of the common man who spends his hard-earned money on a book for knowledge and wisdom.
However, never giving up the optimistic spirit that I carry, I must suggest that, it's not the author who decides how to cheat us with a book. It's up to me as to how I can use the book to take the maximum benefit out of just the quotes mentioned in the book. I learnt that there is already an existing book authored by Bill Gates called as 'The Road Ahead'. I learnt about the various conferences that he has been a part of and the focus areas of Melinda Gates foundation. I learnt about how the perceptions of a billionaire like Bill Gates are with respect to different topics. It's completely up to us to learn whatever we want from the book we read and understand what we feel is right by seeing the word around us.

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