Saturday, June 22, 2013

Laugh Learn Live Love Lure

Life is a word that starts with letter 'L' and has a vowel as its second letter. I was just going through my mind as to what those 5 words could be which would start on the same lines of the word 'life' and follow the same structure. That's when I heard some of these words in the title during a session. If you observe the title, each of the words starting with letter 'L' has a vowel as its second letter and we have 5 words with all 5 vowels of our language.
Life is meant to be laughed out loud. We need to laugh at our mistakes, we need to laugh during our happiness time, and we need to laugh at the sad times only indicating to them that they don't even qualify to make us cry. Laughing is the best therapy to solve all kind of issues with our physical and mental body as well.
Learn to live. Right from the time of being born up to the time of dying, man is never spared of the learning curve. Each of us has to learn our lessons of life. No matter how many ever times we fail to learn, life remains the good teacher who keeps teaching us until we learn.
Live your life. Living means to be lively while living. Most of them just sail through life. On the other hand, they were supposed to play through life. Live every moment of your life. There is no point in passing through the hours. Every moment and minute should become the live memories stored in our past.
Love is the most important emotion of life. If you can't love, you can't be loved. One must learn to love the things around him and the people who surround him. Loving and spreading our love to the world around is the birth right of every individual on this planet. "Love all and live tall" as Er. Sujit Lalwani says always.
Lure everything that you want out of life. Life is that unlimited box of wrapped gifts that never gets empty ever. It's left on us as to how much we can lure life to give us all that we want. If one is not asking for something from life, then s/he is just wasting the magnificent gift of God called LIFE.
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