Saturday, May 25, 2013

Get updated, else get outdated

Man has travelled a very huge time journey from being an ape to a homo-sapien. During this period of evolution he has treaded the path of Old Stone Age up to the modern e-age today. With every upcoming age, he had to update himself to the requirements of the new age. In fact, Charles Darwin himself says in one of his theories about evolution that 'it is not the strength of the species to survive that results in survival but it's the flexibility of the species to adapt to the new conditions'. Hence, I salute to the mankind for having survived so long. But, are we applying the same upgradation process in our lives?
Today, if we don't update our knowledge and wisdom and upgrade ourselves, we might still survive as human beings but we might be just considered as the outdated individuals among our tribe. A very simple example to state here is about our computers only. Earlier we used to use floppy discs to store data but today there are no floppy drives at all in any desktops or laptops. So we have to be updated to know the usage of CDs, pen drives, dropbox, googledrive, skydrive, cloud computing etc for transfer of digital information. I still regret that I had bought a box set of floppy drives when I bought my PC around 6.5 years back. Everytime I see those unused floppy discs in my drawer I just feel how ignorant was I about the developments in the field of computers during my engineering studies. We need to be aware about the changes that are happening around us. I definitely agree that it's totally difficult to keep a track of all the developments but it's surely not impossible to keep ourselves updated about the new stuff that's getting innovated and discovered in the field that we are involved in. Else, there is no hope of being in pace with the competition or even running in the race of life for a satisfying livelihood.
Life has been blessed upon humans with all the necessary accessories fit in the human body only to learn more and do more. Being the best gifted species on this planet we need to do our bit towards the creation we are a part of. We owe a lot to the world around us. The best way we can honour our civilizations and the work of all our ancestors is by making sure that we grow what they gave to us by an inch or as much as we can and hand it over to the future generation before we leave this earth. If this duty has to be fulfilled we need to make sure that we are aware of what's happening around us so that we can improvise on them else we shall remain as the outlaws not from the society we are a part of but from the community of hardworking individuals who are striving to make this world a better place to live in. All of your comments are most welcome!

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