Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Experience v/s Expertise

Experience and expertise are so much interconnected that it's not easy to understand them separately. In simple words they are just inseparable words. The dictionary says that experience means to just undergo an event or occurence and expertise means to be proficient at something such as a skill. However expertise itself is achieved by undergoing repeated experiences.
Every moment of our life is an experience for us. Breathing through our nose itself was a new experience when we were born. From the time we entered this world, we repeated this experience more than a billion times and today each one of you reading this blog are an expert at breathing and or I can say that you have the best expertise in breathing. If you ask yourself as to why you were breathing continuously, the answer would be that breathing was a necessity for surviving and you had to become an expert at it in order to survive. So, expertise was the necessity root cause for experience to occur recursively. Expertise is the root desire for repeated experiences and reduplicated experiences form the path towards achieving expertise. Every new experience is the first step of expertising that particular activity. You have to have numerous experiences of the same kind to expertise any field of experience.
People fall prey to wishes of becoming experts without executing the necessary actual repetitions. Just experiencing once doesn't make anyone perfect or an expert. Diverse experiences of the similar kind can only make an expert come out of us. Hence make it a point to undergo sufficient experiences related to your goal to become an expert at accomplishing it. You can feel free to share your expert feedback on

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