Sunday, May 12, 2013

Excel to extend

The moment I see the word 'excel', the famous movie dialogue from the movie '3 idiots' comes into my mind. In that movie, Aamir Khan tells his friend not to run behind success, instead advises him to run behind excellence and success shall automatically follow. Excellence at work is something everyone expects and people aspire to acquire. Not just work, every arena of life is important to make our life complete and hence displaying or achieving excellence in all arenas of life becomes a very important requirement to live an enriching and fulfilling life. Excellence is that epitome that differentiates the ordinary from the extraordinary and the champs from the chaps.
Each one of us has a desire to venture into different forms of work and also to scale up our position in the stream we are working in. Extending our boundaries of influence is a natural instinct that man has and craves for as he grows through life. How far can one extend is always determined by how far one is willing to expand himself to serve the extra responsibilities. They say that one in the hand is better than 2 in the bush. Likewise keeping up to the current work responsibilities is much more important than extending our hand to check out the next pocket. In current times, just fulfilling the duties alone is insufficient. Along with fulfilling one has to excel in the current field and prove that he has much more capacity to take in more work on his plate. Excellence serves as the benchmark to select a leader and only a leader can extend beyond the limitations.
You might have seen that busy people are the people who can make time for more work in spite of their busy-ness. Likewise people vest work with those who show that they already excel at the work which is vested with them. Just wishing for more freedom or more power and higher designation doesn't get us what we want. When we excel at utilising our freedom, power and position which are already with us to the best extent, only then can we extend our hands to ask for more and people shall extend their hands to give more. You can extend your hand to give your lovely feedback on

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