Friday, March 08, 2013

Gap widens the relationship

Communication is one of the most prominent bridges to maintain relationships. Whenever there is communication gap between two people it automatically hurts the relationship. The more the gap the more departed the people go. Communication is the strong bonding that holds people together. Out of sight is out of mind.
Relationship is all about better understanding of each other. The strength of a relationship can always be estimated by the measure of the depth of understanding of each other between two people and to understand a person one has to spend time with that person. This spending of time with each other can be in the form of meetings or phone calls or email communication or any other type. At the end of it all, communication is a must to establish the trust or respect or love between any two people which eventually moulds into some sort of a relationship. Whenever there is a slight communication gap between two people, either of the two must take the initiative to communicate. Unfortunately in today's self-esteemed world, both the parties have ego issues because both feel that the first one to initiate communication might just surrender to other person's ego and hence both restrain communicating and eventually the realionship falls apart.
We build relations not to break. Also, building alone doesn't suffice. Everything that has been built in this world has to be maintained else it deteriorates and perishes. Likewise even relationship must be maintained once built and communicating on a regular basis is the best way to maintain and sustain relationships with lot of people and hence a great human network. Your feedback is also a communication that can help our relationship grow stronger and hence you can mail it on

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