Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Don't waste time evaluating others

I sometimes regret that we are unable to see ourselves on a every moment basis. Our eyes are so specially placed that they always see others apart from us. I feel this is the reason that we are more focused about others than ourselves. What comes in front of our eyes enters our mind, then our words and actions. Hence most of the times majority of us waste time on thinking, talking about and evaluating others.
Man is born as a social animal and forced to live among his fellow-mates. In due course of life, we get so influenced by others and what others are doing that we start engaging our thoughts and thought-processes only in thinking and evaluating about others' actions more than concentrating on what we are supposed to do. However, I am not completely against the fact that we observe or discuss about what other people do. Getting influenced and inspired by others to do good and positive things is always welcome. The more this happens the better the world is going to be. But we see that many of the times people are just worried about what other people are doing. Some of us start evaluating as to why someone did like this or that in that particular situation. How good a step it was or how bad it was, is none of our business. Based on some deeds of a person, people start tagging the person with different conclusions when neither the person nor his deeds are related to them.
More the time we devote on thinking about others or judging someone's character or actions more is the amount of time that we waste which could have been used to improve ourselves. Unnecessary wastage of time is always harmful for our own lives because they are an asset of our lives and can never be recylced or reused. Hence stop concentrating on others and start building your life. Feel free to pass on your feedback on

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