Sunday, January 27, 2013

Youngsters with

On a sunday morning when more than half of the city is still sleeping, we 25 youth of bangalore have joined hands with organization to walk an extra mile to bring a smile on someone's face. Today we have teamed up into teams of two and have moved to different localities of bangalore in search of poor and needy people so that we can serve them with our homemade food. I am really happy to let you know that 24 students from Vijaya degree college who are doing their graduation have volunteered to make this campaign a massive success. I am blogging live while the event is happening. Hence you might find most of the sentences in present continuous tense. Since I don't have any internet access right now, I will be posting this blog by tonight.
All these volunteers from Vijaya college gathered in the college premises at sharp 9:30am to know and understand the complete procedure to perform this fun-filled activity from After getting the necessary instructions from me, all these 12 teams sped in different directions through different means of transport. Some took their 2-wheelers, while some boarded buses while the rest gave some work to their feet. It's a privilege to see youngsters involving in adventurous social activities. Top three teams will be selected based on the number of meals they donate, their reporting and the time taken to complete the task and these team members' names will be featured in the report of this entire activity.
All the teams have reached back within 2 hours and are sharing their fabulous experiences and learnings with others having donated close to 100 meals on a sunday morning. Some are satisified, some are proud, some are happy, some are inspired etc. Varied emotions is seen on these young faces. Really glad and happy to know that a routine monotonous activity like meal donation gave so much of learning and enjoyment to students. The winners of the competition will be announced soon. You can check out the photos on

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