Sunday, January 20, 2013

Connectors for the world

The worldwide population on this earth is a huge human network. Not all 7 billion people know each other but the more number of people you know the better it is because man is a social animal. I also believe in the principle of having just those few individuals who can be completely trusted in one's life and no one else. But to find those few trustable individuals we have to scan through many hollow strangers. Hence having a big network shall always help.
The reason I am talking, sorry writing about human network here is because today anything that has to happen cannot be done by a single person. It needs a collaborative effort of many people who also share similar interests and goals. So how do we get in touch with all those people who share similar interests as that of ours? The answer for this question is 'connectors'. Connectors are those people who maintain a huge diverse network of people with them. They do not pay to have this network nor they work only to get their network. These connectors increase their circle of known friends wherever they go or wherever they are irrespective of the background of the person. They enjoy making new friends, interacting with people and learn more about others and diverse mindsets.
The best service done by these connectors is that they can connect any person in their network with someone else who is in need of the service shared by the other. There might be absolutely zero benefit for the connector himself/herself. Still s/he make the problem-holders meet the solution-providers for the betterment of one's life. The advantage of connector's interference is that the trust gets leveraged through the connector which is not the case when a stranger meets another prospect for a solution. Thus connectors help the world to get interlinked and help more and more people get more and more friends. If you want to know as to how to become a connector, you can message me on

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