Thursday, January 24, 2013

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part VI

The cherry on the cake for the entire event was Dr.Yellappa Reddy sir who has worked in forest department and also the chairman for a prominent organization at the age of 77. He spoke about how there is no garbage in forests. Animals and birds know that the place should be clean to give birth to their children. Suzuki, an 8 year old girl had spoken about how the environment was hampered by man in last few years at Rio conference for which none of them could answer. He told that the material required for a mobile is mined in a place in Cuba and if any people revolt against it, they are severely punished by the mining company. He threw light upon how 250 granite cutting companies left sledge as waste. This harms cattle which feed upon such waste and hence the milk they produce is polluted.
He mentioned about a case where in two post graduate students from RV College of Engineering had swam through drainage water to get samples to present it in the court to prove the presene of dangerous mercury in the contaminated water. He mentioned that 25 to 50 gm of mercury is sufficient to kill 1,00,000 people. He mentioned one more case about women farmers in Gulbarga region who suffered due to cervix cancer and breast cancer due to pesticides used including endosulphan. He took the pollution control board, agricultural and community health departements for their carelessness who didn't test as to how these chemicals would affect humans.
He then explained about how death of honeybees and other insects can happen due to the sugary type of waste that we throw around in parks and public spaces. This inturn would reduce pollination and hence vegatation output would get degraded rapidly. He also mentioned about Ramagundanahalli, where in there is a tree with 700 honey combs and as a result there was an increase of 25% in the food production. He shared about an instance in chikkaballapura where 500 kids from 5 panchayats gathered together to conduct a parliamentary session and performed it to utmost perfection resulting in government granting them Rs.75,00,000 worth services.

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