Thursday, January 24, 2013

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part V

Mohan.B.N, myself took upon the stage and was disappointed ot see a lethargic audience post lunch. So I kicked off with a power-packed start to make the crowd vibrant. Then I gave a presentation about IUnewspaperbag project about we were able to make 1,00,000 newspaperbags during the month of November in association with school children who were much younger to us. Thanks to Sireesha.M.k, online presence manager of Inspiration Unlimited who made a very beautiful powerpoint presentation for the session. Then I narrated a story about a crow and a sparrow in a village and conveyed the message about how small a contribution each one of us could make only if we didn't listen to what others teased us as. The crowd was filled with enthusiasm and the aura in the auditorium was trasnformed from a silent sobre one to a power-filled one. There was a tea break after my talk during which many students and teachers congratulated my energy-filled, powerpacked talk that just inspired all of them sitting in the room. I just thanked God and my mentor for all that had happened.
Once we returned from the tea break, Mr.Trilokachandra who is the additional commissioner of BBMP and an IAS officer spoke about Pegovian tax levied upon the polluter in foreign countries. He also told about the extended producer responsibility that is expected from companies which generate a lot of waste. For recycling aluminium people are ready to buy waste aluminium at a cost of Rs.60/kg but it becomes a waste if mixed with food. So he also advocated for a behavioural change in one crore people living in bangalore. He also claimed that Bangalore was the first city in entire India to make it compulsory to segregate the waste at the source itself. During this talk, he asked for feedback from students and the feedback session was really filled with enthusiasm due to the previous sessions.

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