Thursday, January 24, 2013

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part IV

Smt.Radha.V.Kale explained that waste is something which is a mismanaged and misused material. Wet waste doesn't give a stinking smell when sufficient oxygen is allowed. The stinking smell is due to the reduction process only. Aerobic composture is aslways good using earthworms. 1000 earthworms can do a job that can be done by a pair of oxen. She exlpained about vermicompost. There are about 3000 species of earthworms in the whole world, while there are 300 plus species in India only. She advised about 3Is and 3Vs to the students which are 3Is- Interest, Involvement, Induction and 3vs-Vision, Venture and Victories. She also showed a video about a physically handicapped farmer who got to know about preparing compost in his farm through ITC and how he had benefitted from the same. Shoba mam from Mount Carmel College assisted during this presentation.
Then came Mr.Manikandan from Oxford institutions who explained about recylcing of waste water and how this project was implemented in Oxford college. He taught the students about BOD-Biological Oxygen Demand, COD-Chemical Oxygen Demand, centrifuge used to separate the waste from the water. He informed about how oxygen parlours are today charging rs.350 per hour. After his informative presentation, came upon two ladies both by name Sujatha who worked in a college to segregate waste and its management. They informed about how around 500 people were given ID cards as official waste pickers by BBMP due to the efforts of hasirudala team.
It was time for IU - Inspiration Unlimited to take the stage and I was all set to emblaze the crowd with the IUism unlimted energy and IUnewspaperbag project. Let's see the IU episode in the next post.

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