Thursday, January 24, 2013

Congrats to BBMP and VVN College-Part II

Nylon used in betwenn polythene and polypropylene for sacks of atta is also very difficult to recycle due to difference in melting points. Plastics of certain kinds can be used as alternate fuel resources and hence replace coal. Due to overuse, even the carbon in soil has reduced to a great extent. Hence the strong message was not to mix food with plastics.
Then came the Mayor, Sri VenkateshMurthy who exclaimed that plastic and hospital waste have reduced the value of garbage and this must be taught by students to the public. Mavalli, Mandoor and Dhoddaballapura which are dumping yards have become horrible spots today. Adding to this, Sri. Tallam Venkatesh sir spoke about how even small help from public can help solve the problem and advised that patriotism should be instilled in children at a very young age. This was followed by a tea break where in students and teachers from other colleges started interacting about the topics discussed in the morning. Post tea-break it was Dr.Meenakshi Bharath who took the stage with her humour-filled motivating speech. She advocated the usage of public transport.
Coming to the waste management, she called upon every person in the hall to become the leader of their respective street since each one of them had the ability to transform. She taught about how to form a team in the community and also informed that Bangalore generated 3.5 million kg of waste every single day. She gave a presentation about segregators, composters, carbon footprint, and home-grown-food items. She called upon the youth to be honest with their work.

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