Friday, December 28, 2012

You gather to give

In one of the recent blogs I had written that man gains knowledge only to teach it to others. I had decided that I would be writing a blog on the same topic. Later when I sat down to think about this concept it suddenly seemed to mean far more than what it actually meant when I wrote it a few days back. Hence I shall put down all my thoughts about this concept in this blog. We come to this earth empty-handed and shall return empty-handed too. So what happens to all that we gather in this so called  'LIFE'?

The people who do the most amount of research and read a lot of books and excel academically are generally teachers, lecturers, professors, philosophers and scientists. These are the people who share all that they have gathered throughout their life with their students either directly through classroom teaching or indirectly by writing thesis, textbooks, research papers, reference books or by recording videos and tapes. They amass all the knowledge possible only to share it back. Businessmen and the other working lot work hard to earn a lot of money. They gather all this wealth only to give it to their employees, families and further generations. Many big companies also share the amassed wealth with the poor, under-privileged and needy through corporate social responsibility projects. Politicians and people in high leadership positions work hard to earn these positions of power only to pass them on to their disciples who have followed their leadership all this time. Be it power or knowledge or money, each one is gathered only to be given back.

The world functions in such a wonderful cyclic fashion. Man thinks that he is the greatest with the knowledge/wealth/power that he holds in his hand currently. Seldom does he realise in this peak period of pride and prestige that the wheel of time continuously is ticking spoke by spoke. At the right time all that he holds shall get transferred to another set of hands and all that remains is shallow. You can write to me on

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