Thursday, December 27, 2012

Observe to absorb

Observation is one of the strongest powers that's hidden in us. Unfortunately not many of us make use of it properly. The main reason is the urgency to know stuff much before others. So we jump out asking questions to get our answers quickly to satisfy the needs of our inquisitiveness. I am definitely not against asking questions. In fact it is one of the best ways to learn. Only condition that I have is that questions should be thrown after good amount of observation is done and when one is unable to interpret further.

Let's take a simple example of observing a flower. If one takes a flower in his hand and starts observing it carefully from the point where it originates from the twig till the tip of each petal, one can observe so many different parts. Some of the parts might be even unknown to him. This will spring up a lot of questions about the unknowns in the mind. Then the mind shall start storing the descriptions of each part deeply observed. Next time when one is actually engaged in the study of the flower he will be easily able to recognise and also remember all the parts. However a person who would have just seen but not observed a flower has every chance to forget or confuse between different parts of the flower. Observation registers images in our memory and images store loads of information. Hence I named this blog as observe to absorb.

Not just with a flower, people lose patience in happenings around them and repent due to this ignorance later. A simple observation of how people talk can reveal the real intentions behind their talk. Observing silence and smile of a girl can lent out the amount of love she has for you in her heart. Some of the greatest legends have not been those who read a lot of books, they have been those who observed a lot of people, places and situations. You can write to me on

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