Monday, December 31, 2012

Never give up until you finish

Unfinished work is an indication of winnerless attitude. When any work is started there is already a lot of work that would have initiated the start of the process. Once started additional time, energy, resources and efforts would have been invested in the work. No doubt that whenever any new work begins there is an initial excitement but later due to the repetition and routine kind of work, motivation subsides and people give up in between. The loss is just not in the incompletion of the present work, the loss is also undoing of some other better work that could have been completed. An incomplete work takes away time-space from this universe that could have been invested on some other work otherwise. The worst part is that it wastes the time-space after taking it away from a fruitful work. Hence mark your target towards completions always.
Whenever any work is started, definitely there is a picture of the target in the mind. Make sure that you pin this target really serious in your mind and tell yourself that you cannot stop until you finish it. Motivation will definitely subside due to the longtime involvement in the same kind of work. Repetition and routine type of work will take away the interest from continuing the work. At all such times, just remind yourself about the double disadvantages of an unfinished work. The third disadvantage is that it sets a frame of mind to leave work incomplete in future as well which is the worst that can happen to hamper the progress of any individual but an attitude of completing everything shall always build the repute of reliability in the eyes of others. A half-filled glass is always half-filled no matter how much ever optimistic one is.

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