Sunday, December 09, 2012

Make a comeback

I am very sure that you would have witnessed a lot of comebacks by a lot of people throughout your life. You yourself might have been an example of one of the best comebacks. Then you will have a lot to empathize while reading this blog. If you haven't experience any sorts of comebacks till now then this blog shall try its best to provide you the insights into a comeback. A winner is not one who wins once but one who knows to comeback even after losing a million times only with the belief and hope of winning once again.

The world has evolved through many civilizations and ages to reach the best time that we are surviving in today. All that man wanted in life when he was dropped on this planet was just a piece of food to eat, a metre of cloth to cover himself and a shade of tree to rest. Progressively the needs and desires have gone on to increase multifold times and man is put in a race to satisfy all of them. In due course of struggle all of us try our best to compete in order to achieve all that we desire to accomplish. Sometimes due to different reasons we fall down from the race and it takes quite sometime to get back. During this brief period of being outside the field lethargy and indiscipline set in while we are recovering from the hit. So when we make a comeback, fitness and complete preparedness to get into the field are tested really hard compared to those people who were practising inside the field while we were recovering outside the field.

This initial period of comeback tests the real spirit in us that dares to make a comeback. Any comeback will be commented as luck if we don't win after being back in the race. So we will have to put in double the efforts and passion than before to make sure we are back to the winning position once again. The world has forgotten all those comebacks which just entered a game and then retired but it has remembered only those comebacks which recorded new records for the world to follow on later. Do come back with your feedback on

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