Sunday, October 21, 2012

Energy matters

The transfer of enthusiasm is the achievement to be accomplished by any speaker when s/he takes on the stage. The audience can be at any state just before the talk begins. So the task of bringing them to the required  excited state is left as an initial challenge to the speaker. The initial part of the speech is the most crucial during which the crowd decides whether to listen further to the speech or just handover the external ears only. The initial short timed phase is the time that a speaker gets to convince the audience that it's worth listening to him/her for next few minutes and in this phase what matters is - 'Energy'.

The confidence is clearly visible in the amount of energy that the speaker can induce into each one sitting among the audience that can build a bridge of exclusive energy force between the speaker and each person present. The extra energy hardcodes the words spoken on the minds of the people listening. Normal temperature is never expressed to be experienced by anyone. Only a high or a low temperature is spotted by any living being immediately which results in an immediate response. Similarly, people are used to the normal energy of the peers around them. The moment they witness a dynamic energy source walking and talking to them from the stage, it catches their attention immediately. The best part of being energetic in a talk is that it gets transferred to the other person at the receiving end as well and no doubt that just like when electrons get excited they produce current similarly people who are excited by your energy feel the current flow through their body.

An iron rod can be bent only when it is heated. Likewise the necessary corrections on the existing beliefs and assumptions can be made only when the temperature of enthusiasm is raised in the person opposite to you with whom you are speaking. For the enthusiasm to rise in the other person, you must be ready to propel the energy waves by being the source of the same and hence I claim that 'Energy matters'. Hope and believe to read your feedback on

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